Virgin Valentine

She thought heart-pounding passion was only found in books… 

This Valentine’s Day, sweet, sensitive librarian Jane Waters won’t spend the holiday reading about romance—she’ll be living it. I’ve watched her for weeks, teasing her with love notes that leave only the best parts to the imagination. And today she’ll finally learn what it means to Be Mine. 

I’m about to prove her wrong. 

From a pair of missing panties to a whole new approach to checking out books to me showing her just how difficult it can be keeping quiet in the library…this will be a Valentine’s Day Jane Waters will never forget. And the first of many, many more.  

Who knew reading could be so good for you? 

RUSH NOTES: It’s the day of love, and this story will definitely get you in the mood! If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the library after it closes, get ready for good guys, bad guys, and a romance hot enough to catch your library card on fire. It’s a feel-good story for the season with a rock-solid happy ever after—and a few scenes that just may make you gasp (but shhh!). Your Kindle will send you a Valentine for this one. 

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