Virgin Pass

The coach’s smokin’ hot daughter is totally off limits… 

Even as a kid, Lori Connor was my #1 fan—I don’t think anyone ever loved me so much. Back then, keeping away from her was easy. Now I’m home to quarterback my last year with the team that got me started, and Lori’s right there, waiting for me. Worse, she’s all grown-up—and so on fire she’s got me ready to take a knee. 

And totally irresistible. 

It looks like this time, the quarterback will be the one doing the sacking. Because nothing will stop me from making Lori my final play before I hang up my cleats for good—not even the coach threatening to take me out of the game. 

Lori Connor is mine, and I’ll risk it all to prove it. 

RUSH NOTES: Who doesn’t love a drop-dead gorgeous sports hero? If you want a story that tackles your heart and has you cheering for the home team, along with the rock-solid happy ever after you’ve come to expect from Monica Rush, this is your next read! Brace yourself for high-impact, hotter-than-hot blitz plays that just might overheat your Kindle. Fill up your water bottle before you read—you’ve been warned!

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