Virgin for Hire

She started as a seductive voice on the phone… 

I knew the first time I heard Sexy Kitten’s voice I had to have her, even though she was being paid to whisper her dirty fantasies to me. Then she walked in my front door, looking for a job as my personal receptionist.  


I’m not stopping there, either. She thinks I don’t know who she is, but unexpectedly sweet little Destiny Jones, aka Sexy Kitten, is about to have her hottest dreams come true. Even better, I’m not on the clock anymore….and it’s going to take the rest of our lives to play out all the plans I have for her. 

Now she’s mine for the taking. 

RUSH NOTES: This isn’t your typical office romance! Get ready for over-the-top, sexy shenanigans that will have you swooning and wishing you had a Greek god for a boss. If you love a warm, fuzzy story with all the feels, dirty fantasies that will leave you with curled toes, and a rock-solid happy ever after, you won’t be disappointed! Grab your Kindle and get started!

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