Virgin Fix

She’s a sexy problem that needs to be fixed…

Since the day we first met, sweet little tomboy Bobbi Tipton has been untouchable, the boss’s adopted kid and completely off-limits. But now that she’s grown into a troublemaking spitfire who watches me with big eyes and flushed cheeks whenever she thinks I’m not looking, it’s getting harder and harder to steer clear.

Then my boss makes me an offer I can’t refuse. To allow him to retire with a clear conscience, he’s leaving me his entire legacy—his business, his trucks, his profits.  

Oh, and one other thing…

He wants me to solve the all-grown-up, hard-headed, puppy-rescuing, hotter-than-sin Bobbi Tipton problem, too—by taking her off his hands…and I’m not the only guy gunning for the job. 

Time to swing this fix into full gear.

RUSH NOTES: Welcome to Rush Hour! If you love short, sexy stories about friends-to-lovers, May-December romances with rock-solid happy ever afters, big, tough guys who are really good with their hands, virgins with attitude, hot and dirty times that will leaving you with a smile on your face—and puppies!—this is the story for you. Grab your Kindle and get ready for your fix! 


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