Virgin Bid

She’s making a very naughty offer… 

Who auctions off her virginity? Pinup-worthy Eliza Grant, that’s who. And who bids a million dollars for it? The guy whose billion-dollar app she uses to post her sexy offer, a guy who’s been in love with her since the day he walked into the diner where she works. 


But now that I’ve won a date with her, I have no intention of it stopping there. Especially when I discover I’m not the only one who’s bid on a date with my beautiful Eliza—and that my competitor thinks he’s owed the ultimate prize…  

And it’s winner take all. 

RUSH NOTES: Yes, it’s a virgin auction and yes, it’s an over-the-top ride—I promise. Combine sinful high-tech snafus with cupcake-frosted suspense and an unexpectedly sweet billionaire who isn’t looking for the rock-solid happy ever after he deserves, and you end up with a sugar bomb dessert with sprinkles on top! Read this one during your next cardio workout and enjoy the adrenaline spike!  

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