Undercover Virgin

She’ll do anything to catch a bad guy 

Sweet, innocent Melody Price has no idea what she’s gotten herself into by posing as a kinkster with a fetish. Luckily, I’m not a poser—I’m the real deal, and I’m about to show her what happens when a good girl gets in over her head. 

One taste of her and I’m hooked. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Melody safe…even if it means going after the perp using my club as his hunting ground myself. 

Even be a very, very bad girl. 

When the perp sets his sights on my woman, I’ll stop at nothing to make sure he fails. Melody Price is mine—in every sense of the word—and no one threatens what’s mine. 

RUSH NOTES: Strap in for a hot, sexy romance set in a club where all your fantasies can come true! There’s kink, fetishes, light BDSM and intense sexy times that will leave you panting for more. If you’re thinking it’s time for something a little grittier, a little wilder, but with the rock-solid happy ever after you’ve come to expect from Monica Rush, welcome to the dark-n-sexy side!

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