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Undercover Virgin

She’ll do anything to catch a bad guy…  Sweet, innocent Melody Price has no idea what she’s gotten herself into by posing as a kinkster with a fetish. Luckily, I’m not a poser—I’m the real deal, and I’m about to show her what happens when a good girl gets in over her head.  One taste of her […]

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Virgin Bid

She’s making a very naughty offer…  Who auctions off her virginity? Pinup-worthy Eliza Grant, that’s who. And who bids a million dollars for it? The guy whose billion-dollar app she uses to post her sexy offer, a guy who’s been in love with her since the day he walked into the diner where she works.  […]

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Virgin Valentine

She thought heart-pounding passion was only found in books…  This Valentine’s Day, sweet, sensitive librarian Jane Waters won’t spend the holiday reading about romance—she’ll be living it. I’ve watched her for weeks, teasing her with love notes that leave only the best parts to the imagination. And today she’ll finally learn what it means to […]

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Virgin Pass

The coach’s smokin’ hot daughter is totally off limits…  Even as a kid, Lori Connor was my #1 fan—I don’t think anyone ever loved me so much. Back then, keeping away from her was easy. Now I’m home to quarterback my last year with the team that got me started, and Lori’s right there, waiting for […]

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Virgin for Hire

She started as a seductive voice on the phone…  I knew the first time I heard Sexy Kitten’s voice I had to have her, even though she was being paid to whisper her dirty fantasies to me. Then she walked in my front door, looking for a job as my personal receptionist.   Insta-hire.   I’m not […]

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Virgin Fix

She’s a sexy problem that needs to be fixed… Since the day we first met, sweet little tomboy Bobbi Tipton has been untouchable, the boss’s adopted kid and completely off-limits. But now that she’s grown into a troublemaking spitfire who watches me with big eyes and flushed cheeks whenever she thinks I’m not looking, it’s getting […]

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