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Driving Her Wild

She’s looking for a little adventure…  As a globe-trotting treasure hunter, I never expected the prize of my life to walk right through my front door. But when sexy, smart, and desperate-for-adventure Gina Williams crashes my hangover with an ancient map and her killer body, I’m gone.   Then I realize her treasure map’s the real deal. Oh, yeah…  He’s more than ready to roll.   […]

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Driving Her Hard

Sometimes you gotta let passion take the wheel…  I make it a point to live in the moment, so when a gorgeous, long-legged blonde leaps into my limo and begs for my help, I don’t ask questions—I drive.   Then I realize my unexpected passenger is none other than the Hottably Hot Sammy K, celebrity internet influencer. The video-perfect Sammy’s lived so long in the […]

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Driving Her Crazy

Buckle your seatbelts…  There’s no such thing as an undatable girl—and I should know. As CEO of one of the country’s hottest new dating services, I’ve never met a woman I can’t match.   Maisie Lancaster won’t be the first, either. Despite her insistence that love is a four-letter word, I’m matching Maisie as a special […]

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