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On the Ropes

He’s got her…  Some days just don’t get any better than this: Tina Bell, the sweet-as-sin yoga instructor across the street from my gym, literally all tangled up in yoga bands and suspended from the ceiling like a real-life Tinkerbell. And if there’s one thing I’m a master at…it’s how to play with ropes.   A better man […]

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Bare Knuckled

She’s got her eye on the prize…  I never believed in love at first sight until Natalie Simms walked through the door at Pounders Gym. The crazy-making brunette with all her charts and plans and goofy ideas on how to make a baby nearly takes me to my knees every time I see her.   So when she […]

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Full Contact

She’s a hired gun on a mission…  Whenever the family needs me for a job, I do it. Efficient, lethal…and solo. I keep my work separate from my pleasure, and I enjoy them both fast and hard.   Then I’m asked to team up with Chloe St. Claire, a smokin’ hot assassin with a lethal aim, a […]

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Below the Belt

He’s the world’s toughest bodyguard…  Sweet, innocent Anna Perkins should stay far away from me. Though I can’t help longing for her as she walks by my door every day, I’m a bad man, with a dark past. I know my place is in the shadows.   Until the shadows start hunting her.   When Anna steps […]

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