Sweet Release

Losing control 

I’m no babysitter, so when the boss assigns me to keep track of his niece Iris, a spoiled mafia princess with a kink for escape, I’m determined to lock down the job—and the girlfast.  

I just didn’t expect to enjoy the chase so much. Losing Iris means getting to catch her again, and every time she’s back in my arms, we tangle—our mouths, our bodies, our souls. It’s a game of tag that grows hotter at every turn. 

Has never been so much fun. 

Then I find out she’s promised to another. The boss has arranged for my Iris to marry for money and power—two things I don’t have. So I must step back and watch the woman I love become the bride of a complete stranger instead of mine…  



RUSH NOTES: We do love our Greeks, don’t we? This short, romantic, sexy-hot novella features a Greek with a chip on his shoulder, a back-talking Mafia princess ready to race down any open alley if it might lead to true love, and a nod to certain crown-tipped romance movies that will make you and your Kindle smile. Snuggle in for a rock-solid happy ever after and hold on tight!  

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