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On the Ropes

He’s got her… 

Some days just don’t get any better than this: Tina Bell, the sweet-as-sin yoga instructor across the street from my gym, literally all tangled up in yoga bands and suspended from the ceiling like a real-life Tinkerbell. And if there’s one thing I’m a master at…it’s how to play with ropes.  

A better man than me would rescue her—no questions asked, no reward demanded. 

I’m not that guy. 

Right where he wants her. 

But Tina’s got problems she can’t fly away from, problems she won’t share, not even with me. And until I can get her to trust me with her darkest secrets, I’m the one she’s got tied up in knots.  

RUSH NOTES: Put down your phone and ignore your email—you’re gonna be tied up for a while! This book introduces you to a Dom with a kink for rope play, a broken ballerina who just wants to fly, some “no-they-didn’t-just-do-that!” sexy times you’ll never find in Neverland, and a rock-solid happy ever that may just make you misty-eyed. You’ve been warned! 



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