Naked Truth

She’s willing to bare it all… 

No matter how captivating, beautiful and full of light Valentina Henry seems, I know the truth. She’s a fraud. As the latest stranger claiming to be the long-lost heiress to the family I’m sworn to protect, she’s an impostor I’m honor-bound to unmask.  

If only I wasn’t so tempted to strip the rest of her bare, too.  

For love.  

Worse, the head of the family orders me to guard Valentina while her claim is tested, and I find myself falling for her bright laughter, flashing eyes, and beautiful smile. So when her life is mercilessly threatened by those she wants to trust most, I’m faced with an impossible choice: protect the family who’s given me everything, or the woman who’s captured my heart.  


RUSH NOTES: This is a short, sexy novella that knows how to throw a party, so put on your dancing shoes! You’ll find fierce family loyalty, blinding betrayal, and Kindle-melting sexy times that will make you want a tall dark and dashing enforcer of your own—all with a rock-solid happy ever that will have you kicking up your heels. Let the music begin!  

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