Inside Job

It’s always hotter 

Leaving my sweet, innocent Betty five years ago nearly broke me, but as the boss’s top enforcer, my first duty is to protect the family at any cost. Even if that cost meant never seeing my little honeybee again. Never to taste her kiss, never to see her smile. My sacrifice would have been worth it if it’d guaranteed her safety. 

Only, it didn’t.  

Now I’m back to track down the threats closing in on the only woman I’ve ever allowed myself to love. Betty knows me better than anyone, and I’ll never rest until she’s safe—and back in my arms, forever.  

On the inside. 

I’ll protect her with my life, because she is my life. 


RUSH NOTES: With this sexy novella, it’s time to get a little dark, a little dirty, and a whole lot of over-the-top! Welcome to Mafia month! Meet a gritty enforcer who’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s his, an innocent daydreamer who can’t wait to see the world, and their crazy, giddy, head-in-the-clouds insta-love when they see each other again. All with a rock solid happy ever after that’ll have you eagerly booking your trip to Destination: Romance! 

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