Hot Seat

She wants in  

As Quinn O’Reilly, the head of the Alliance, I’ve got all the power. What I don’t have? The intel to root out the newest threat to the livelihood of our tight-knit syndicate of mafia families. For that, I need to seduce, cajole, convince or outright threaten Jo Prescott, the data-hacking mastermind who desperately wants a seat at the Alliance’s table.  

Well, if a seat is what she wants, I’ll give it to her. That, and so much more. For a price.   

He wants everything. 

The moment Jo and I connect, sparks fly that have nothing to do with her smokin‘ hot servers, but we’re already operating on borrowed time. When Jo gets targeted by the spy, I’ll do everything in my power to keep her safe…but even I’m not prepared for the betrayal waiting for us all.  

Sometimes the price of trust can be far too high… 


RUSH NOTES: It’s the last story in the Mafia series <sad face>, so we went all out in this novella with over-the-top insta-attraction, insta-rush, and insta-love! You’ve got a wise-cracking Irish rogue who’s a sucker for cosplay, a brainiac data hound with a wild side, a dash of high-tech whodunit and a sugar-sweet happy ever after that’s all about family. Reserve your seat at the table—your Kindle’s hungry for love!  

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