Hard Target

He’s ready  

It’s magic. Pure magic. The moment the striking jeweler literally knocks me off my feet after colliding with me on the steps outside of a church, I know my life will never be the same. Though I’ve spent decades as a brutal enforcer bowing to no one, she commands me with the softest touch of her fingers. Raina is the one—she just doesn’t know it, yet. I’m very much looking forward to proving it. 

To get his rocks off. 

The fairy tale between us comes to shocking end when I’m assigned a new target to take out…and it’s Raina. My beautiful Raina, accused of stealing the same gorgeous diamonds she set into her exquisite design. I don’t believe it—but that doesn’t mean Raina is innocent…or safe.  

And she’ll never be safe again unless I do the unthinkable… 


RUSH NOTES: In this short, sexy novella, diamonds are definitely not a girl’s best friend! Meet a Russian Mafia enforcer who’s brought to his knees (and who knows what to do there!) by insta-love, and a diamond designer who can’t catch a break—until she captures the heart of a cold-eyed killer. Brace yourself, ‘cause this one’s a little darker, but it ends with an over-the-top happy ever after that’s a fairy tale all on its own.

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