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Full Contact

She’s a hired gun on a mission 

Whenever the family needs me for a job, I do it. Efficient, lethal…and solo. I keep my work separate from my pleasure, and I enjoy them both fast and hard.  

Then I’m asked to team up with Chloe St. Claire, a smokin’ hot assassin with a lethal aim, a smart mouth, and a crack shot. That’s a hard no. I don’t do partners, especially one who thinks she can take over my op. But when I see the want in her eyes every time she looks at me, the mouth-watering need she can’t quite hide? 

Make that a hard yes.  

Who’s about to get taken to the mat. 

Because Chloe St. Claire’s got a secret—one she’s desperate not to reveal. And I do love a good challenge. 

RUSH NOTES: If you like your suspense down and dirty, it’s time to get your trigger pulled! We’ve got a heroine who’ll stop at nothing to finish the job, an over-the-top, sexy Greek hero who’s more than willing to see her try, and sexy times so hot the furniture should’ve been bolted down—all with a rock-solid happy ever after that’s killer sweet. Watch your six, ‘cause we’re coming for you! 

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