Driving Her Hard

Sometimes you gotta let passion take the wheel… 

I make it a point to live in the moment, so when a gorgeous, long-legged blonde leaps into my limo and begs for my help, I don’t ask questions—I drive.  

Then I realize my unexpected passenger is none other than the Hottably Hot Sammy K, celebrity internet influencer. The video-perfect Sammy’s lived so long in the public eye she doesn’t even know herself anymore, and now she’s running hot, tailed by a stalker who’s constantly in her rearview mirror. A stalker I’m determined to take out of the race—permanently.  

Even better, while Sammy’s lived her life at breakneck speed…she’s never found anyone who can truly make her motor hum.  

Good thing I’m just the Driver for the job.  


RUSH NOTES: Secure your pole position with this short, sexy romance that will kick your heart—and your Kindle—into high gear! With an uber protective hero, a heroine who seriously needs to unplug and an insta-perfect Happy Ever After worthy of a million heart emojis, you’re gonna want to take a victory lap! 

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