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The Fighters Series – Now complete!

If you haven’t met Tank, Dem, Thor and Ryker, get yourself to Pounders gym and say hello! The Fighters series is now COMPLETE — four stories of hard-bodied fighters who get unexpectedly KO’d by love, and the women who take them to the mat.

Whether you like your short and sexy romance BELOW THE BELT or FULL CONTACT, these BARE KNUCKLED tales will have your heart ON THE ROPES. Check them all out today – FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

The mafia is coming to town!

If you haven’t checked out our book page recently, hop over to see our newest addition–the Mafia series!

We travel from the Pacific Northwest to southern Texas to Chicago, to the Eastern Seaboard to Boston! Pack your bags, because the Mafia are hunting you down!

For the complete list of all Monica Rush mafia books, visit our book page, today! 

Winners announced! And everyone’s a winner with Fighter month!

We’re *so excited* to announce that our newsletter just went out with our March giveaway winner! Woohoo! Sign up for our newsletter here to get in on future giveaways. 

And also–if it’s March it must be FIGHTER MONTH! Get to know the hard-hitting, fast-thinking fighters at Pounders Gym as true love hits them with a TKO. Start the first book this week with BELOW THE BELT! 

Welcome to the office, Virgin for Hire!

When you’re used to keeping clients on the line to the tune of $4.99 a minute, how hard can working for a billionaire be? 

Pretty darned hard, as it turns out…

Hooray for Virgin for Hire taking your debut! We’re delighted to have you on board! 

Get yours today at Amazon

It’s launch day for Virgin Fix!

Welcome to the very first book by Monica Rush, Virgin Fix! We’ve got steamy (in more ways than one!) romance, a rescue-dog-loving heroine, a hero who’s tough as nails (and knows how to pound them) and a romance that’s a little bit dirty and a whole lot of fun.

We hope you love romance as much as we do–because Virgin Fix is just the beginning!

Get ready for Fighter month!

We haven’t even launched our first Virgin book yet, but we’re already doing some fancy footwork for Fighter month! Check out our beautiful covers and save the date to meet your first Fighter March 5!

These stories were so much fun to write! Woot!

Three books in one week?

Whew! We’ve just uploaded all the titles in our debut series, The Virgins, to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, and it’s been a whirlwind to get ready. We wanted nothing more than to bring fun, fast-paced and over-the-top sexy stories to readers who love romance more than anything.

To start our launch month off with a bang (of course!) we are thrilled to bring you three great stories in one week. Check out Virgin Fix if you love girl-next-door-to-super-hot-guy books, Virgin For Hire if you’re a sucker for smooth-talking alpha billionaires who will stop at nothing to protect what’s theirs, and Virgin Pass if you fall for hard-hitting hunky athletes who are really (really) good with their hands! And all of that is just week 1!

We’re so excited!

When we first started writing our over-the-top romance tales last fall, it was hard to imagine launch day–for our site and our books! But it’s here, and since we’re wide-eyed and ready to step out into this bold new world, we’re excited to introduce our very first series!

Say Hello to The Virgins! Six new books from Monica Rush!

From puppy wranglers to amateur private eyes, phone sex operators to romance-loving librarians, these unsuspecting virgins will be as shocked as you are when they come face to face with the sexy, demanding, drop-dead-gorgeous men determined to claim them, body and soul.

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