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Below the Belt

He’s the world’s toughest bodyguard… 

Sweet, innocent Anna Perkins should stay far away from me. Though I can’t help longing for her as she walks by my door every day, I’m a bad man, with a dark past. I know my place is in the shadows.  

Until the shadows start hunting her.  

When Anna steps inside Pounders Gym one morning, genuinely frightened and desperate for a bodyguard, I’m the only man for the job. Nothing and no one will harm her, I swear it. And if I fight a little dirty to make sure she falls in love with me, too? Well…nobody ever called me a saint.  

But can she trust him with her heart? 

But the past has a way of biting you in the ass. When mine comes roaring back, threatening my precious Anna, the gloves are off. I’ve got no problem hitting below the belt to protect what’s mine…and this time, it’s personal.   

RUSH NOTES: Welcome to Fighters month! Get ready for a hero so over-the-top tough, possessive, and borderline obsessed with his heroine, you’ll be knocked out with feels. There’s swoony romance and down-and-dirty sexy times that won’t quit! If you love big, brutal men who are willing to do anything for the women of their dreams, and who always deliver a rock-solid happy ever after… then walk on into Pounders Gym. You’ll be glad you did!

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