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Bare Knuckled

She’s got her eye on the prize 

I never believed in love at first sight until Natalie Simms walked through the door at Pounders Gym. The crazy-making brunette with all her charts and plans and goofy ideas on how to make a baby nearly takes me to my knees every time I see her.  

So when she comes to me for help, who am I to say no? 

He’s got his eye on her. 

Then the other bootie drops. Natalie doesn’t just want a baby—she needs one, for reasons that have this Viking baby daddy ready to throw more than his hammer. I’ll do anything to protect her and the little family we’re trying to build…but am I already too late?  

RUSH NOTES: We’ve got babies on the brain! If you’re looking for a Norse god baby daddy, a heroine who never met a to-do list she didn’t like, and sexy times that show two people totally committed to the cause—all with a rock-solid happy ever after that will leave you cooing—welcome to the baby shower! Bring balloons! 

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